The ordering process takes about 10 minutes. If you leave the website during the process, you need to re-start the entire procedure again.


  • Sign an e-consent

    After enter your phone number, you will receive an “one-time password” (OTP). Entering the OTP represents that you agree to participate this programme. (Your mobile phone number is only used for receiving SMS messages such as OTP for identification, contact for delivery notice and other related messages. For the sake of confidentiality, please ensure it is a personal mobile number.)

  • Complete the questionnaire for “background information”

    Personal identity data is not included.

  • Watch a three-minute “HIV self-test” demonstration video (Oral fluid or fingerprick)
Order flow chart
  1. Select self-test kit and collection location
    • You can only select one type of the test kit (oral fluid/fingerprick blood);
    • Collection points are limited in Hong Kong only;
    • The delivery fee (HK$30.00) shall be paid by user (Exact charges will be subjected to delivery service’s final decision).
  2. Confirm ordering of self-test kit by e-payment(Deposit fee HK$130.00)

    Information will be needed in the payment process (Paypal). Payment will be cancelled upon result uploaded within 14 days.


  • User can take a screenshot or print the related order numbers if necessary;
  • One kit-set can be ordered using a phone number at one time and re-ordering is allowed only at least three-month intervals;
  • Order cannot be cancelled once confirmed.

Supported browsers: Apple Safari version 14, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox