Procedures and notes of ordering

The ordering process takes about 10 minutes. If you leave the website during the process, you need to re-start the entire procedure again;


When placing an order, you have to:

  • Watch a three-minute “HIV self-test” demonstration video;
  • Have a valid Hong Kong mobile phone number for receiving SMS messages such as “one-time password” (OTP) for identification, contact for delivery notice and other related messages. For the sake of confidentiality, please ensure it is a personal mobile number;
  • Sign an electronic consent: After enter your phone number, you will receive an OTP. Entering the OTP represents that you agree to participate this study.
Order flow chart


  • Complete the questionnaire for basic information Personal identity data is not included;
  • Confirm ordering of self-test kit by e-payment (HK$115.00) Credit card information will be needed. Payment will be cancelled upon result uploaded within 14 days and validated;
  • Select collection point
    - Delivery service is available for Hong Kong only.
    - The delivery fee (HK$30.00) shall be paid by orderer.
    (Exact charges will be subjected to delivery service's final decision)
  • Orderer can take a screenshot or print the related order numbers if necessary.
  • One kit-set can be ordered using a phone number at one time and re-ordering is allowed only at least 3 months;
  • Order cannot be cancelled once confirmed.