Programme workflow


  1. Provide a registered Hong Kong mobile phone number for registration and consented by entering mobile phone number
  2. Complete the questionnaire for “background information” (personal information is not required);
  3. Have to watch a three minutes “HIV self-test” demonstration video (oral fluid/fingerprick blood).

Procedures and notes of ordering

  1. Select one of the self-test kit (oral fluid/fingerprick blood)
  2. Select express delivery location (self-collection). The delivery fee (HK$30.00) shall be paid by user (Exact charges will be subjected to delivery service's final decision);
  3. Ordering of self-test kit by e-payment (HK$130.00);
    (Payment can be made by using a physical credit card or a reloadable virtual prepaid card. Examples: O!ePay Mastercard, Tap & Go…etc.)

Perform the test

  1. Perform the test and interprets the test by yourself;
  2. If your result is “invalid”, “kit set problem” or “unable to interpret”, please upload the photo.

Result Upload & Payment Cancellation

  1. Payment will be cancelled with result uploaded within 14 days upon ordering and complete a questionnaire after performing the self-test;
  2. If you need DH medical staff to assist checking/validating the result with your uploaded photo, staff will reply within five working days and notify you via SMS. Payment will be cancelled after the confirmation.

Notice: The cost of test kit will be charged if the result and “Feedback questionnaire” cannot be uploaded and completed within 14 days.