Self-test Kit

HIV self-testing refers to the process by which a person collects a specimen, performs a test and interprets the test by oneself. The kit-set used for this study is OraQuick® HIV Self-Test. This test kit is prequalified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which use of oral fluid as specimen. Collection of oral fluid will not cause any pain and the accuracy of the test-kit is similar to tests with using blood specimen.

  • The sensitivity and specificity of OraQuick® HIV Self-Test is 99.4% and 99% respectively. As long as you follow the instructions for use in the test kit to perform the test, you can get the test results.
  • Sensitivity of a test is its ability to show positive results in infected people. Specificity of a test is its ability to show negative results in non-infected people. For more:
  • Ensure the test kit is stored with temperature of 2-30℃. Away from direct sunlight or storage with high humidity.