HIV Self-Test (fingerprick blood)


  • If you are taking high dose (10 mg or more per day) of biotin containing dietary supplements, please stop taking it 48 hours before the test.
  • Do NOT open the foil pouch containing device until you are ready to get tested;
  • Prepare a private and well-lit area for testing;
  • Make sure you have a timer or a watch that can time 15 to 20 minutes;
  • Prepare your glasses if needed;
  • Wash hands thoroughly before testing.

Please note this video size is 10.5MB


  • Take out the self-test kit
  • Place test stand on a flat surface
  • Tear open foil pouch and take out the test device with buffer cap
  • Gently pull on the buffer cap to separate it from the top of the test device
  • Drop buffer cap into the bottom of the test stand. Don’t remove the foil cover of the buffer cap
  • Open alcohol swab and sterile gauze pad. Massage finger for 5-10 seconds. Swab finger with alcohol swab and allow to dry. Remove the cap from the safety lancet. Place red end of lancet onto the side of fingertip and press down firmly to prick your skin until you hear a “click” sound
  • Squeeze out first drop of blood. Wipe drop away using the sterile gauze pad
  • Squeeze out second drop of blood

  • Collect right amount of blood sample by using the test device.
  • Holding the test device with the point downward, insert it into the test stand to puncture the foil cover of the buffer cap
    (Note: Push down very firmly. You will feel it snap through 3 times.)
  • Check for a pink stain that will start to appear less than a minute. If no pink stain, push down more firmly on the test device to insert it completely
  • Start the timer. The test device must be kept upright until time’s up.Wait for 15 minutes before reading the result. Do not read the results after 20 minutes as it will no longer accurate
  • Apply sterile gauze to the puncture site until the bleeding stops and then apply plaster.


  • If you notice the following conditions, please stop the testing, take a photo and report in webpage “Result upload”. Discard the test kit after reporting.
    • Damage of packaging or the test device; or
    • Absorbent packet is not found inside the foil pouch
  • Upload your test result on the webpage. You need to upload photo in the following situations for verification: (1) “Invalid results” or (2) “Unable to interpret result” (photo should show the result window); (3) “test kit problem”
  • All device can be disposed as a domestic waste