HIV Self-Test (Oral fluid)

  • This test kit requires user to collects a specimen, performs a test and interprets the test by oneself. The whole process is conducted in private and with total self-control. The kit set come with an instruction for use, test device and developer solution vial.
  • The testing involves the users collecting oral fluid to check for HIV antibodies. Oral fluid, collected around the outer gums, which is different from saliva. The test can give you results in about 20 minutes after the test device is inserted into the developer solution.
  • The test kit is used for preliminary testing and any positive HIV result must be confirmed by laboratory-based testing with a venous blood sample.
  • The window period of this self-test is about 3 months. It is the period between the moment a person gets infected with HIV and that when the antibody test shows a positive result. During this period, HIV can be transmitted to other people even though his HIV antibody test remains negative.
  • Ensure the test kit is stored with temperature of 2-30℃. Avoid placing the kit under direct sunlight or storage under high humidity.