HIV Self-Test (Oral fluid)


  • If you are taking high dose (10 mg or more per day) of biotin containing dietary supplements, please stop taking it 48 hours before the test.
  • Do NOT open the foil pouches containing device until you are ready to get tested;
  • SHOULD NOT use oral care products (such as mouthwash or toothpaste) 30 minutes before the test;
  • NO eating, drinking, or chewing gum for at least 15 minutes before the test;
  • Remove denture and anything which cover the gums prior to the oral fluid collection;
  • Prepare a private and well-lit area for testing;
  • Make sure you have a timer or watch that can time 20 to 40 minutes;
  • Prepare your glasses if needed.

Please note this video size is 10.5MB


  • Take out the self-test kit
  • Place test stand on flat surface
  • Tear open the divided pouch containing the developer vial
  • Hold it firmly and carefully uncap the vial by gently rocking the cap back & forth. Be careful to avoid spilling the contents
  • Slide the uncapped vial into the test stand
  • Remove the test device from the pouch
    (Note: Do not touch the flat pad with your fingers. Check to make sure that the kit is intact. If any part found broken, please do not use and take a photo then upload the picture onto the “Result upload” page on our webpage.)
  • Collect oral fluid specimen: Press the flat pad firmly against your gum and swab it along your upper gum and your lower gum once only
  • Insert the flat pad of the test device all the way down into the developer vial until it touches the bottom. The result window should face forward
  • Start the timer. Leave it there and do not move it. Read test result in a well-lit area after 20 minutes but not more than 40 minutes


  • If you notice the following conditions, please stop the testing, take a photo and report in webpage “Result upload”. Discard the test kit after reporting.
    • Damage of packaging or the test device; or
    • Absorbent packet is not found inside the foil pouch
  • Upload your test result on the webpage. You need to upload photo in the following situations for verification: (1) “Invalid results” or (2) “Unable to interpret result” (photo should show the result window); (3) “test kit problem”
  • All device can be disposed as a domestic waste