HIV Self-Test (Oral fluid)

Negative result

Result will be seen in the result window in 20 minutes. If there is one line appears next to the "C" triangle and NO line next to the "T" triangle, the result is NEGATIVE, indicating that you were not infected with HIV.

However, if you had the test less than three months after you may have been exposed, you are advised to get tested again to make sure you have not been infected from that episode of exposure. Also, if you have persistent high-risk behaviours, regular testing every 6 to 12 months is recommended.

Negative result

Positive result

Result will be seen in the result window in 20 minutes. If two complete lines are present at areas marked "C" and "T" triangles on the Test Device (even if the line is faint), the result is interpreted as POSITIVE. You may have infected with HIV.

However, the test is only for preliminary screening. Confirmatory test by taking venous blood is needed. We highly recommend you to contact the AIDS Hotline 2780 2211 of Department of Health, Gay Men HIV Testing Hotline 2117 1069 of Department of Health (within office hour) or approach the three NGOs for confirmatory test and counselling services:

AIDS Concern: 2394 6677
C.H.O.I.C.E.: 3188 9024
Hong Kong AIDS Foundation: 2513 0513

With early treatment, most of the HIV infected people can live a healthy and productive life.

Positive result
Positive result

Invalid Result

Result will be seen in the result window in 20 minutes. Invalid result with situations are as followed:

No line present in “C” area of the window;

No line is found at the window;

The level of any line is not parallel to the triangle markings of “C” or “T”;

The line in “C” or “T” area is incomplete.

Please upload photo with invalid result. Payment will be cancelled after validated by us. User can re-order a new kit set. You may consider to have a conventional test provided by HIV testing services in Hong Kong.