Result Upload

Procedure of result uploading

The result upload process takes about 5 minutes. If you leave the website during the process, you need to re-start the procedure again.

User have to:

  • Enter the phone number which you have used for the ordering the kit,then you will receive a one-time password (OTP). Enter the OTP for identification;
  • Complete the “Feedback questionnaire” and upload the test result by shooting a photo on the result window within 14 days upon ordering.
Procedure of result uploading

Payment Cancellation

  • User should upload the result with 14 days. Payment will be usually cancelled once the result is validated by DH medical staff within 5 working days.

Conditions in which the cost of test kit will still be charged:
Malfunctioning of the kit caused by human error when using the kit;
Uploaded photo is not clear enough for result validation.