Result Uploading

The result upload process takes about five minutes. If you leave the website during the process, you need to re-start the procedure again;


  • Enter the phone number which you have used for ordering the kit, then you will receive a one-time password (OTP). Enter the OTP for identification (User need to upload the result within 14 days upon ordering)
  • Result upload
    • If your result is “Negative” or “Positive”, just upload the result and photo is not required
    • You have to upload photo in the following situation for validation:
      • “Invalid” results (show the result window)
      • “Unable to interpret result” (show the result window)
      • “Test kit problem”
  • Complete the “Feedback questionnaire” (Compulsory)
Procedure of result uploading

Note of Payment Cancellation

  • Payment will be cancelled with result uploaded within 14 days upon ordering and complete a questionnaire after performing the self-test;
  • If you need DH medical staff to assist checking/validating the result with your uploaded photo, staff will reply within five working days and notify you via SMS. Payment will be cancelled after the confirmation.

Conditions in which the cost of test kit will still be charged:
The cost of test kit will be charged if the result and the “Feedback questionnaire” cannot be uploaded and completed within 14 days upon ordering.